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Date: 08/07/03-09:56:50 AM Z

 I am also testing FeynCalc combined with Phi packages and
FeynArts under Mathematica 5.0 (trial version).

 I corrected the file "QCD/OPEm.m" as you reported in your
Forum-0152 message, and then I set
  $LoadPhi=True; $LoadFeynArts=True;
and loaded FeynCalc as usual with

 While loading Phi, I got the following error messages:
  TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p1.
  TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p2.
  TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p3.
  General::Stop: Further output of TagsetDelayed::Setraw
                  will be suppressed during calculation.
 Then while loading FeynArts I got another error messages:
  Syntax::stresc: Unknown string escape \i.
  Syntax::stresc: Unknown string escape \c.

 The former error seems to occur in the calling of the
"variable boxes" in the PhiStart.m, but I could not
correct them. With respect to the latter error I could not
even identify the statements issuing the error messages.

 I should greatly appreciate your kindness to take care of
these errors.

 Thank you. Masaru Watanabe


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