Name: Gerald Dunne (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/27/03-12:24:37 PM Z

I have had problems installing FeynCalc on a MAC G4 PowerBook
running MAC OS 10.2.6. When I try to load FeynCalc I get the following
error message:



 From In[1]:=
Could not find FeynCalc installation. Quitting the Mathematica kernel.


I placed the High Energy Physics folder in the Applications folder of
Mathematica, which on MAC OS 10.2.6 appears in the Library folder of the
root directory.

Some part of the installation works, since after opening Mathematica and
rebuilding the Help Index, FeynCalc appears in the Help Browser under
Add Ons. But I am unable to get a session started or to run any of the

I noticed a previous message in the forum by Kirill Tuchin (1/16/03)
concerning the same error message on Linux, but Rolf Mertig's reply
 (2/14/03) does not solve the problem on the MAC OS.

The same problem arises for FC, and using the tar.gz versions
or .zip versions makes no difference.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!!
Gerald Dunne

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