Name: Masaru Watanabe (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/10/03-04:46:29 AM Z

I have mailed the following message in the topic titled:
    "MMA 5.0 Beta2 testing".

 But as Mr. Oliver Lass <> noticed me, it
is not the suitable place, and I have posted it again
under the new topic shown above.

 In addition I report that I could find the origin of the
"Syntax::stresc " error. This is due to the following
phrase in the "ConjugateCoupling: usage" in the FeynArts.m
        ...,e.g. I \int d^4x {\cal}.

 By changing \int to \\int and \cal to \\bcal, ihe error
message disappeared. (sorry! \ means back slash, as this
is the Japanese character.)

 The remaining error is the one relapting the Phi packages.
I copy it from my previos mail as follows:

> I am testing FeynCalc combined with Phi packages and
> FeynArts under Mathematica 5.0 trial version.
 (The trial version is said to be same as official one
 except save-disabled)

> I corrected the file "QCD/OPEm.m" as Frederik Orellana
> reported in his Forum-0152 message, and then I input
> $LoadPhi=True; $LoadFeynArts=True;
> and loaded FeynCalc as usual with
> <<"HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`".

> While loading Phi, I got the following error messages:
> TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p1.
> TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p2.
> TagsetDelayed::Setraw: Cannot assign to raw object p3.
> General::Stop: Further output of TagsetDelayed::Setraw
> will be suppressed during calculation.

> The error seems to occur in the calling of the
> "variable boxes" in the PhiStart.m, but I could not
> correct them as yet.

                               Masaru Watanabe


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