Name: (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/19/03-05:52:19 AM Z

  I have found a probable solution for using FeynCalc
combined with Phi under Mathematica 5.0 without error
  I have modified the isoboxes function in the Phi/
Objects.defs.m package, which is called from the
VariableBoxes function:

  isoboxes[var_, (opts___Rule | opts___List)] :=
   HoldPattern[MakeBoxes[#, TraditionalForm]] & /@
(* ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ *)
    Flatten[isoindextab[var, opts]];

That is, I have wrapped MakeBoxes with HoldPattern,
and deleted " | yakk " from its 2nd argument,
"TraditionalForm | yakk " .
  As my trial use period of Mathematica 5.0 has been
expired, I could not test the above modification under
Mma version 5.0 but only under 4.2.
I hope to be able to test it in the near future.
                                   Masaru Watanabe

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