Name: Xing-Bo Yuan (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/23/16-05:18:01 PM Z

Hi Vladyslav,

Today, I update FeynCalc in my computer. However, one problem is encountered.

I generate the SM model file from FeynRules. It can be used in FeynArts, but not the patched FeynArts with FeynCalc. The details are described below:

My computer information:
OS: Mac OS X 10.9.5

Case I:
FeynCalc: 9.0.1
FeynArts: 3.9
The FeynCalc is installed by the automatic command in the FeynCalc wiki. During the installation process, FeynArts is automatically installed and patched.

Case II:
FeynArts: 3.9
Just downloaded from FeynArts website.

I generate the FeynArts model files “SM_Unitary_Gauge.mod” and “SM_Unitary_Gauge.gen” in FeynRules with the default SM model file Then, I load the model file in FeynArts using the command

InitializeModel["SM_Unitary_Gauge", GenericModel -> "SM_Unitary_Gauge”]

In case II, It’s OK. In case I, however, I get an error:

TagSetDelayed::tagnf: "Tag FourVector not found in -Overscript[mom_, _]^mu_”.

Maybe, the reason is that some codes of FeynArts are not correctly patched in FeynRules 9.0.1. Could you please check if it is a bug? I upload the relevant files in the link

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Xing-Bo Yuan

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