Name: Xing-Bo Yuan (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/25/16-05:00:34 PM Z


Thank you for the detailed explanation.

1. “I would suggest that you use unpatched FeynArts + FeynRules on a separate Mathematica kernel, then save the results and load them into the FeynCalc session, where you can process them further. “

In fact, that's what I did recently.

2. Now, I generate the amplitude in unpatched FeynArts and save it in a file. Then, I load the file in FeynRules. The next step is to convert the amplitude to the form required by FeynCalc. As explained in 1601.01167, I choose the function FCFAConvert[]. However, the function doesn’t work, except using the following commands first:

amp=amp/.{FeynAmpList -> FAFeynAmpList, NonCommutative -> FANonCommutative,
   DiracSpinor -> FADiracSpinor};

I guess FCFAConvert[] only works for amplitudes generated by patched FeynArts. If so, is it possible to make FCFAConvert[] work for the amplitudes generated by unlatched FeynArts?

Xing-Bo Yuan

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