Name: Xing-Bo Yuan (email_not_shown)
Date: 04/12/16-10:52:36 AM Z

Hi, Vladyslav

Thank you very much for the update.

I have used the development version. Everything quite works well.

However, I still have two questions:

1. After running your codes, I find most of the parameters in “SM_Unitary_Gauge” are modified as FCGV[EL], FCGV[SW], …. Is it to avoid conflicts with other definitions?

2. I find the function LorentzIndexNames in FCFAConvert[] doesn’t work sometimes, in both 9.0.1 and development version, and for both default model and added model. For example, after running the following codes

$LoadFeynArts = True;
<< FeynCalc`;
$FAVerbose = 0;

tops3 = CreateTopologies[0, 1 -> 3];
inserttops3 =
   tops3, {F[2, {3}]} -> {F[1, {3}], -F[3, {1, o}], F[4, {1, o}]},
   InsertionLevel -> {Particles}, LastSelections -> {V[3]}];

FCFAConvert[CreateFeynAmp[inserttops3], ChangeDimension -> 4,
  LorentzIndexNames -> {lor}, IncomingMomenta -> {p1},
  OutgoingMomenta -> {k, k1, k2}, DropSumOver -> True,
  List -> False] // Contract

I find the option LorentzIndexNames doesn’t work if I set OutgoingMomenta -> {k, k1, k2} or {k0, k1, k2}, but not {k3,k1,k2}

(The FCGV[] in the output seems also quite strange.)

Thank you again for your time.

Best Regards,
Xing-Bo Yuan

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