Name: Michael (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/11/06-04:38:43 PM Z


When I use DiracReduce I do find different results in the end depending on the order I use DiracReduce on substructures of the whole expression. Looks like this (of course normally bigger structures):

T1 = (-MT[a, b] + GA[a, b]).(-MT[c, d] + GA[c, d])
T2 = (-MT[a, b] + GA[a, b]);
T3 = (-MT[c, d] + GA[c, d]);
DR1 = DiracReduce[T1]
DR2 = DiracReduce[DiracReduce[T2].DiracReduce[T3]]
DR3 = DiracReduce[Calc[DiracReduce[T2].DiracReduce[T3]]]
DIFF1 = Calc[DR2 - DR3]
DIFF2 = Calc[DR1 - DR3]

DIFF2 is 0. DIFF1 not. (Introducing Calc in DR3 to make DIFF2 zero does not work generally)
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks very much for all your work.

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