Name: Michael (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/11/06-06:05:02 PM Z

that was fast!Thanks very much.
I see how that works. But maybe I chose a bad example for my problem.
My real trouble looks more like below. I still cant make that DIFF1 zero.
Thanks again (and I can fully understand if you dont want to go into that longer thing were perhaps I made a simple mistake.

SPdel[a_, b_,
    p_] := (GS[p] +
        m).(-MT[a, b] + (1/3)*
          GA[a, b] + (1/(3*m))*(GA[a]*FV[p, b] -
              GA[b]*FV[p, a]) + (2/(3*m^2))*FV[p, a]*FV[p, b])
\[CapitalLambda]a[a_, b_, c_] := (g1/2)*MT[a, b]*GA[5, c]

T1 = SPdel[\[Beta], \[Gamma],
      p2].\[CapitalLambda]a[\[Gamma], \[Epsilon], \[CapitalOmega]1].SPdel[\
\[Epsilon], \[Delta], p1]

DR1 = DiracReduce[T1];
DR2 = DiracReduce[
        SPdel[\[Beta], \[Gamma],
          p2]].DiracReduce[\[CapitalLambda]a[\[Gamma], \[Epsilon], \
\[CapitalOmega]1]].DiracReduce[SPdel[\[Epsilon], \[Delta], p1]];
DR3 = DiracReduce[DR2];
DIFF1 = DR1 - DR3;

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