Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/07/05-04:11:11 PM Z

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Hi, yes, there was a bug but it is fixed in the current version. Please use the latest version. Or fix it yourself like I did 2 years ago:

rolfm@gluon:~> math5 Mathematica 5.2 for Linux x86 (64 bit) Copyright 1988-2005 Wolfram Research, Inc. -- Motif graphics initialized --

In[1]:= <<HighEnergyPhysics`fc`

In[2]:= $FeynCalcVersion

Out[2]= 5.1.0beta2

In[3]:= GluonPropagator[p,Mu,a,Nu,b,Gauge->{Momentum[n], alpha},Explicit->True]//FCE//InputForm

Out[3]//InputForm= I*FAD[p]*SD[a, b]*(-MTD[Mu, Nu] + (FV[n, Nu]*FVD[p, Mu] + FV[n, Mu]*FVD[p, Nu])/SP[n, p] - (FVD[p, Mu]*FVD[p, Nu]*SP[n, n] - alpha*FV[n, Mu]*FV[n, Nu]*SPD[p, p])/ SP[n, p]^2)

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