Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/07/05-04:01:03 PM Z

Hiبyes there was a bug but it is fixed in the current version.بPlease use the latest version.بOr fix it yourself like I did 2 years agoبhttpwww.feyncalc.orgcgi-bincvsweb.cgiHighEnergyPhysicsqcdGluonPropagator.m.diffr11.4hr21.5hfhبببrolfmgluon math5بMathematica 5.2 for Linux x86 64 bitبCopyright 1988-2005 Wolfram Research Inc.ب -- Motif graphics initialized --ببIn1ب HighEnergyPhysicsfcببIn2ب HFeynCalcVersionببOut2 5.1.0beta2ببIn3ب GluonPropagatorpMuaNubGauge-Momentumn alphaExplicit-TrueFCEInputFormببOut3InputFormبI*FADp*SDa b*-MTDMu Nu ب FVn Nu*FVDp Mu FVn Mu*FVDp NuؘSPn p -ب FVDp Mu*FVDp Nu*SPn n - alpha*FVn Mu*FVn Nu*SPDp pؘب SPn p2ب

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