Name: Ivan Petrov (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/07/05-03:18:16 PM Z


It seems that there is a bug in the axial gauge gluon propagator (one of the signs is wrong ?):
I evaluate
GluonPropagator[p, \[Mu], a, \[Nu], b, Gauge -> {Momentum[n], 1}]
under FeynCalc 4.1.1 and get
[ImaginaryI](-g^\mu\nu- p^\mu p^\nu n^2 + n^\mu n^nu p^2/(n·p)^2 + (n^\mu p^\nu + n^\mu p^\nu)/(n·p) )\delta_{ab} /p^2

whereas the sign in front of the term
+ n^\mu n^nu p^2/(n·p)^2
should be different and p^\mu p^\nu n^2 should also be divided
onto (n·p)^2

It seems that a pair of brackets is skipped.

With best regards,

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