Name: Newbie (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/11/05-08:01:02 AM Z

I would like to save Feyncalc outputs in a notebook and be able to manipulate them as Feyncal expressions even after re-starting Feyncal or Mathematica.

The problem I have is this. Say my output is

g^{ab} p^2 - p^a p^b

which is of course

MetricTensor[a,b] ScalarProduct[p,p] - FourVector[p,a] FourVector[p,b]

However, I notice that after re-starting Mathematica, starting Feyncal and then loading the notebook that contains the above expression, these expressions do not get treated like Feyncalc outputs. For instance

In: g^{ab} g^{cd}
Out: g^{ab+cd}

Is there anything I could do to make Mathematica recognize these expressions as Feyncalc output so I don't need to re-generate them from scratch?


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