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Date: 03/27/03-01:42:52 AM Z

First a remark: All these so-called Gamma5 schemes are not
very clear and solid, so the best is to just avoid
having to calculate traces with 6 or more gamma matrices
and gamma5. This can be done with a tensorial decomposition
as described in
Zeitschrift für Physik C
Year: 1996
Volume: 70
Page range: 637-653

The functions in FC to do this are:
and also (only one-loop) OneLoopSimplify.

Having said that, yes, sometimes there seems to be no
way out or things are easier or whatever and you do
want traces of 6 gammas and gamma5 in D dimensions.
And yes, you found a bug. Thanx.
I fixed it.
Until it gets into the next official version (you are
welcome to help Frederik to do this) everybody can
replace their FeynCalc.m by
(rename to FeynCalc.m, but maybe save the old one).

In[1]:= <<HighEnergyPhysics`fc`

FeynCalc4.1.2 Type ?FeynCalc for help or visit
$PrePrint is set to FeynCalcForm. Use FI and FC to change the display format.

In[2]:= GAD[e,f,5,a,b,c,d]//DiracTrace//DiracSimplify

Out[2]= tr[ga[a] ga[b] ga[c] ga[d] ga[e] ga[f] ga[5]]


Rolf Mertig
Mertig Consulting

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