Name: Francesco Tramontano (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/16/03-08:12:07 PM Z

Please help me,
I think that I've found a possible explanation for the strange results
from Tr[] with GA[5]:
probably before applay the West formula DiracSimplify[] is called, now it
seems that DiracSimplify[] put GA[5] on the right as if it anticommute
with GAD[\mu] and not just by using the cyclic nature of traces only, as
it should do in D dimensions, morover in a trace with more than four gamma
and Gamma[5] the West procedure and formula in D-dimensions agree with the
4-dimensional one (within terms that sum to zero in 4 dimensions) only if
the cyclic prescription is followed, so in such case, together with the
D-dimensional, the 4-dimensional results are not correct also.

As an example


instead of
tr{GAD[a,b,c,d,e,f,5]} Point n. 4) page 292 of the West paper.

Best Regards

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