Name: V. Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/26/17-09:51:39 AM Z


unfortunately, this is not possible with PaVeReduce (or other FeynCalc
functions), since it does not try to reduce basis integrals into
something simpler (which is usually possible only in very special cases).


Am 24.09.2017 um 19:30 schrieb Chris:
> I'd like to use the PaVeReduce function within FeynCalc in Mathematica
> to reduce a triangle integral down to bubbles and tadpoles. I found
> the wolfram help page about this function but I did not find what
> all the options meant with the result that I was unable to produce
> the reduction I wanted.
> I have used other software for this reduction and I know what the answer
> is so I'm just playing about with FeynCalc at the moment. I tried
> PaVeReduce[C0[0, m^2, m^2/y, 0, 0, m^2]] // TraditionalForm
> but this didn't do the required reduction. I played about with the options too in
> SetOptions[PaVeReduce, A0ToB0 -> True, BReduce -> True, Collecting -> True, Dimension -> True, FCVerbose -> False, Factoring -> Factor2, IsolateNames -> False, Mandelstam -> {}, PaVeAutoReduce -> True, PaVeOrderList -> {}, WriteOutPaVe -> True]
> but couldn't get the reduction to go ahead.
> Thanks for any comments! There is also the possibility that I am using
> the wrong function because I know that Pass-Velt prescription is usually
> done for the reduction of tensor to scalar integrals and I'm trying to do
> a scalar to sum of simpler scalar integrals reduction.

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