Name: Chris (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/24/17-01:34:29 PM Z

(edit: sending this again as forgot to include email address in subject line)
I'd like to use the PaVeReduce function within FeynCalc in Mathematica
 to reduce a triangle integral down to bubbles and tadpoles. I found the
wolfram help page about this function but I did not find what all the options
 meant with the result that I was unable to produce the reduction I wanted.

I have used other software for this reduction and I know what the answer is
so I'm just playing about with FeynCalc at the moment. I tried

     PaVeReduce[C0[0, m^2, m^2/y, 0, 0, m^2]] // TraditionalForm

but this didn't do the required reduction. I played about with the options too in

     SetOptions[PaVeReduce, A0ToB0 -> True, BReduce -> True, Collecting -> True, Dimension -> True, FCVerbose -> False, Factoring -> Factor2, IsolateNames -> False, Mandelstam -> {}, PaVeAutoReduce -> True, PaVeOrderList -> {}, WriteOutPaVe -> True]

but couldn't get the reduction to go ahead.

Thanks for any comments! There is also the possibility that I am using the wrong
 function because I know that Pass-Velt prescription is usually done for the reduction
of tensor to scalar integrals and I'm trying to do a scalar to sum of simpler scalar
integrals reduction.

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