Name: Pilar Hernandez (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/18/17-08:31:14 AM Z

Hello, I am confused about the differences in the output of OneLoop and TID & ToPaVe
in an amplitude where I use the BMHV prescription for gamma5.

trs =DiracTrace[
     GAD[a] . GAD[mu] . DiracMatrix[6] . GAD[b] . GAD[nu] .
      DiracMatrix[6]]\ \ /. \ DiracTrace -> Tr
amp = Contract[trs FVD[l, a] FVD[k + l, b] FAD[{l, 0}, {k + l, 0}] ]

I don't get the same result if I integrate with OneLoop[l, amp] or if I use TID[amp,l] and ToPaVe...

What is the proper way to treat this amplitude ?
Thanks, Pilar

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