Name: Arny_Toynbee (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/17/17-10:47:35 PM Z

In FeynCalc, I would like to define a scalar operator as

Chi: = Integrate[C[p1] (h[p1] e^{-I p1 x} + h^{dagger}[p1] E^{I p1 x}, d\vec{p1}

i.e. the integration is over \vec{p1} (3-vector).

p1 and x are four vectors, given by p1 = ( omega[p1, m]*t, \vec{p1}) and x = (t, vec{x}).

Tried the following
p1 :=FourVector[ omega[p1,m], m]
x := FourVector[t,r],
Then define Chi as in the beginning of this post.

If I try any calculation like FourDivergence[Chi], it either returns the input FourDivergence[ full form of \chi], or just complains "Recursion limit reached", and then gives some large, unintelligible output. What am I doing incorrectly? Note that the χ has been rendered in Mathematica in the above input text, by "Esc":\chi":"Esc".

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