Name: Manuel J. Vicente (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/22/15-07:11:41 PM Z

Thank you for your prompt answer!

The correction solved the problem for that piece, but it seems that it's not enough for

amp = DiracGamma[Momentum[z, D], D].GA5 FeynAmpDenominator[
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[z, D], M],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[k, D] + Momentum[z, D], M],
   PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k, D] + Momentum[pp, D] -
     Momentum[z, D], MD],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[p, D] - Momentum[z, D], m]] Pair[
   Momentum[k, D], Momentum[z, D]]

TID[amp, z]

This is related to the previous one with an extra GA5. I checked your change of TID.m with the additional

t0 = DiracGammaExpand[t0]

and it seems that the expansion is not really complete in this case.
Taking instead

t0 = DiracGammaExpand[t0]//DiracSimplify

seems to solve the problem, at least for this particular case.

best regards
Manuel J. Vicente

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