Name: Manuel J. Vicente (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/22/15-12:30:49 PM Z


There seems to be some regression in the last FC version (downloaded 21st July).
TID fails now in some expressions that used to work.

amp = DiracGamma[Momentum[z, D], D] FeynAmpDenominator[
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[z, D], M],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[k, D] + Momentum[z, D], M],
   PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k, D] + Momentum[pp, D] -
     Momentum[z, D], MD],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[p, D] - Momentum[z, D], m]] Pair[
   Momentum[k, D], Momentum[z, D]]
rtid0 = TID[amp, z];

Now, it gives an error message and aborts the calculation.
"TID::failmsg: Error! TID has encountered a fatal problem and must abort the computation. The problem reads: Ucontracting loop momenta in ... failed."

Best regards
Manuel J. Vicente

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