Name: Asher Berlin (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/31/15-12:55:35 AM Z


I've noticed that using DiracReduce on matrices before entering them into expressions involving spinors results in errors in the final evaluation. Consider the following input below:

a = DiracReduce[DiracMatrix[i].DiracMatrix[j].DiracMatrix[k]];
b = DiracReduce[DiracMatrix[i].DiracMatrix[j].DiracMatrix[k]];
DiracSimplify[(SpinorUBar[p, m].a.SpinorU[p, m])(SpinorUBar[k,m].b.SpinorU[k,m])]

a = DiracMatrix[i].DiracMatrix[j].DiracMatrix[k];
b = DiracMatrix[i].DiracMatrix[j].DiracMatrix[k];
DiracReduce[(SpinorUBar[p, m].a.SpinorU[p, m])(SpinorUBar[k,m].b.SpinorU[k,m])]

You'll notice that the 2 lines of output differ in one of the terms. I've tried this using FC 8.2 and FC 9 and the same discrepancy remains. Any ideas of what could be going wrong here?

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