Name: Peter Blunden (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/29/11-04:31:43 AM Z

Using FeynArts with FeynCalc gives incorrect results for 3- and 4-point loop integrals when the scalar products are predefined. The problem goes right back to version 5.1 (2006). A simple "fix" is to disable the automatic loading of FeynArts in the FCConfig.m file.

ScalarProduct[p1, p1] = m^2;
ScalarProduct[p1, q] = ScalarProduct[q,q]/2;




gives C0[m^2,m^2,q^2,lam1^2,lam2^2,m^2], which is the wrong answer.

If loading of FeynArts is disabled, then we get the correct answer,

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