Name: F.Feng (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/09/11-09:05:33 AM Z

The bug has been reported at:

I thought it was fixed in FeynCalc 6.0, but I try the following code:

R=Tr[GAD[a, b, c, d, 5, e, f]] // Simplify

GAD[a, b, c, d, 5, e, f] // DiracSimplify
Tr[%] // Simplify
R - % // Simplify (*non-zero*)

Tr[GAD[e, f, a, b, c, d, 5]] // Simplify
R - % // Simplify (*zero*)

it seems that the bug is not fixed in FeynCalc 6.0, can anyone confirm this?

Thanks a lot.

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