Name: moosavi (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/18/08-10:55:27 AM Z

Dear Dr Mertig
I have a problem with mathematica version 5.02 for integrating. I used feyncal and now I have some integrals which mathematica can not solve them. I am working in D=4-2*epsilon dimensions which epsilon is smaller than one.
for eexample I have this integral:
(A+B*x)^(-epsilon)*(C+D*x)^(-epsilon)/(x*Sqrt[E*x^2+F*x+H]) or (A+B*x)^(-epsilon)*(C+D*x)^(-epsilon)/(x*(E*x^2+F*x+H)^(3/2))
where I want to integrate over x.
I would be gratefull If you help me.
Best regards

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