Name: Simone (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/10/08-11:50:18 AM Z

I have a problem with Dirac Trace.I'm using fc5beta3 with Mathematica6.
When I try to compute the trace of a simple t channel qq->gg

mt2 = FermionSpinSum[
    Contract[(mt mtc)/4/
       nc^2 g[\[Mu]3, \[Nu]3] g[\[Mu]4, \[Nu]4] ]] /.
   DiracTrace -> Tr;

I get printed in the result also the options of Tr , e,g,
-8 p1.p2 p1.p3 (DiracCanonical->False) (Factoring->False) (FeynCalcInternal->True) (InsideDiracTrace->True).

The same code seems to run fine with Mathematica 5 though.
Does anybody know how to get rid of the options?

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