Name: Ismail Turan (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/29/07-01:45:45 AM Z

Hi Frederik,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I was aware of your PHI package and thinking to dig a little bit more. In fact, I was trying to decide between FeynCalc and LanHEP to use and your email convienced me that it requires more work with FeynCalc/PHI than LanHEP which is a program written in C and has many features already included like being able to use superpotential formalism, two-component notation, BRST invariance check, Hermitian check, etc. With FeynCalc/PHI one needs to develop them all which obviously takes some time and I am supposed to finish the project at the end of the summer in addition to some other things. The only drawback is to get the output in latex format but I like to have it in Mathematica format since eventually I will add it as a new model file to FeynArts.

So, I will first give a try to LanHEP and see how things go. In case of failure, I consider to use FeynCalc/PHI and maybe ask you some questions about PHI(then we may discuss hermitian conjugate issue). Thanks a lot for your kind offer to help. It sounds great even as a possibility:-)

Best Regards,

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