Name: Ismail Turan (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/21/05-08:55:22 AM Z

Dear Rolf,

I have recently started using FeynCalc and found it very useful for the first place. However, as I tried to compute one self energy diagram with 3 or 4 external legs(two fermion 2 gluon), I didn't get a result for cases with denominator FAD[{q, m1}]QP[{p + q - k,m2}]=I/((q^2-m1^2)((p+q-k)^2-m2^2)). This is basically B0-type function. Instead if I have FAD[{q, m1}]QP[{p + q, m2}] type of denominator, then I would get an compact answer in a resonable time. I don't believe that the program couldn't handle the first but the second. I am using OneLoopSimplify->True setting for OneLoop[] command.

Any help, suggestion is greatly appreciated.


PS:I am using MAthematica 4.0 in Windows 2000 enviroment. I preferred to install FeynCalc 5.1 beta2 which I assumed that it would work with mathematica 4.0 as well. Could this lead to some problems?

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