Name: Kin-Yiu Wong (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/21/05-01:18:18 AM Z

Hi folks,

  Because I plan to submiit some Mathematica jobs using FeynCalc as the background jobs on some workstations, I use the executable "math" instead of "mathematica". However, the results from "math" are kind of weird:

In[2]:= Commutator[a,b]

Out[2]= FeynCalcForm[Commutator[a, b]]

In[3]:= Commutator[a,b]=1

Out[3]= FeynCalcForm[1]

In[4]:= DotSimplify[a.b-b.a]

Out[4]= FeynCalcForm[DotSimplify[a . b - b . a]]

If I use "mathematica" instead, It can correctly DotSimplify[a.b-b.a] to become 1. So my questionis: Is the FeynCalc compatible with the command interface "math"? If so, what's wrong with the above results? If not, how can I run jobs as background of workstations?


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