Name: Tania (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/30/05-06:57:21 PM Z

hi -

i use unix and mathematica5

are there any paths/ ... you could still be required to set ??

e.g. if i start mathematca in the Mathematica/Applications directory itself, i get

  RowBox[{\(TagSet::"tagpos"\), \(\(:\)\(\ \)\), "\<\"Tag \
\\!\\(TraditionalForm\\`Re\\) in \
\\!\\n\\(TraditionalForm\\`\\(\\(\\(\\(\\(Re(OPEm)\\)\\) - \
\\(\\(Re(i)\\)\\)\\)\\) > 0\\)\\)\\n is too deep for an assigned rule to be \
found. \\!\\(\\*ButtonBox[\\\"More\[Ellipsis]\\\", \
ButtonStyle->\\\"RefGuideLinkText\\\", ButtonFrame->None, \
ButtonData:>\\\"TagSet::tagpos\\\"]\\)\"\>"}], TraditionalForm]\)

so a different error message... but it should find all the applicartions don't you think ??

e.g. $Path contains also the .Mathematica/Applications file...

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