Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/19/04-05:15:48 PM Z

Dear FeynCalc users,

Frederik and I are happy to announce the release of FeynCalc 5 beta 1.
Go to to get it.

Here a short list of new features:

- FeynCalc 5 beta 1 is fully compatible with Mathematica 5.0
- simplified installation (you can put it anywhere on your harddisk and just load by, say
<</tmp/HighEnergyPhysics/FeynCalc.m )
- full integration with FeynArts (i.e., a slightly patched version of FeynArts is included,
which we redistribute with kind permission from Th. Hahn,
   the current deveoper of FeynArts )
- fully worked out examples in the HighEnergyPhysics/fcexamples directory (more to come
- improved TARCER version, also complelety integrated with FeynCalc
- improved contraction speed
- improved Phi (also complelety integrated)
- improved database function CheckDB
- new function CalcColorFactor

Please send any bug reports, comments and suggestions.
We will address them, maybe sometimes not immediately, but we will.


Rolf Mertig

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