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Download and installation

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    Mathematica installer    
To install the latest version of FeynCalc (still fc820), run the following instruction in a Kernel or Notebook session of Mathematica 7, 8 or 9 on Linux, MacOSX, or Windows.


The installer will automatically download fclatest.zip from here to the Applications directory in $UserBaseDirectory. Specifying

$installdirectory = mydir

before running the installer will change the installation directory. It is recommended to use a directory which is on the Mathematica path, e.g., HomeDirectory[], or $BaseDirectory.

    Manual installation    

See the news page for information about releases.

  1. Download the file xxx.tar.gz or xxx.zip by clicking one of the links above.
  2. Place the file in the directory "Applications", in the directory hierarchy of your Mathematica installation. If you're on a Unix system, "Applications" can also be in ~/.Mathematica.
  3. Make sure there is not already a directory 'HighEnergyPhysics' (and move it out of the way if there is).
  4. Unpack the file: Under UNIX, type tar -xvzf xxx.tar.gz; under MacOS and Windows, use some utility like StuffIt Expander or WinZip. In any case, it will unpack to the directory "HighEnergyPhysics".
  5. If you've made any customizations in the configuration file FCConfig.m, merge them from the file you've moved away into the new file.
  6. Start Mathematica.
  7. Rebuild help index: For Mathematica versions <6, you can choose 'Rebuild Help Index' from the 'Help' menu. For newer versions, evaluate DeleteFile/@FileNames[FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "FrontEnd", "*", "*", "SystemFiles", "FrontEnd", "TextResources", "HelpBrowserSetup.pbf"}]]
  8. Evaluate <<HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc` and try out one of the examples.

fc820.tar.gz, fc820.zipJuly 7, 2012Updated PHI to work with FeynArts-3.7, which can now be kept in a subdir. Added FeynArts 3.7 - unpatched. When running the first time set $LoadPhi=True before executing Needs["HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`"], then it will be patched automatically.
fc810.tar.gz, fc810.zipJanuary 13, 2012
fc803.tar.gz, fc803.zipAugust 30, 2011
fc802.tar.gz, fc802.zipAugust 20, 2011
fc8beta3.tar.gz, fc8beta3.zipJune 22, 2011
fc8beta2.tar.gz, fc8beta2.zipMay 2, 2011For Mathematica 8 (and Mathematica 7). Rolf did some bug-fixing and adaption of FeynCalc to work with Mathematica 7 and 8 and included a patched version FeynArts 3.4. Note that the documentation is not updated. FeynCalc's main author, Rolf would need help of some kind physics institution inviting for two or three month to work on the documentation and to fix other glitches. Please remember that Rolf maintains FeynCalc in his free time and that he does not have a position at a physics institution.
feyncalc600.zipFor Mathematica 6 only. Rolf patched FeynCalc to be compatible with Mathematica 6 (not Phi, not FeynArts) and zipped it together, including fully evaluated documentation notebooks in HighEnergyPhysics/Documentation/English/. Notice that this version does not load Phi nor FeynArts by default. Notice also that the changes are not entered into CVS yet, due to lack of time.
fc5beta3.tar.gz, fc5beta3.zipThe latest (CVS-snapshot) release with a couple of bug fixes, fully compatible with Mathematica 5.2.
fc5beta2.tar.gz, fc5beta2.zip, fc5beta1.tar.gz, fc5beta1.zip, HighEnergyPhysics-4.2.0pre1.tar.gz, HighEnergyPhysics-4.2.0pre1.zipOlder development releases.
HighEnergyPhysics-, HighEnergyPhysics- release
HighEnergyPhysics-, HighEnergyPhysics- releases. Some notes are available here

A more detailed changelog can be found in "FeynCalc.m" and "FCReadMe.txt" in the sources.

Version 1.0 written 1991 by Rolf Mertig
Version 3.0 includes typesetting features of Mathematica 3.0
Version includes two bug-fixes for OneLoop
Version 4.0 : 2000, reorganized for open-source and extensibility
Version 4.2.0 : 2002, small bug fixes, more reorganization, inclusion of help system, PHI and FeynArts by Frederik Orellana
Version 5.0.0b: 2003, bug fixes, adjustments for M5.0 more reorganization
Version 5.1.0: 2006, bug fixes, updates for mma 5.2 and new FeynArts
Version 6.0.0: 2007, bug fixes, updates for mma 6.0 and new FeynArts
Version 7.0.0: 2009/2010, bug fixes, updates for mma 7.0 and new FeynArts
Version 8.0.0: 2010, minimal updates for Mathematica 8.0, added a patched o FeynArts 3.4
Version 8.0.0: 2011, fixed some bugs reported by ibedir
Version 8.0.0beta3: 2011, fixed a bug in OneLoop, changed Uncontract, TID
Version 8.0.1: 2011, fixed a problem in DiracTrace
Version 8.0.2: 2011, fixed more problems, working on documentation
Version 8.0.3: 2011, added ClearAttributes[FeynAmpDenominator,Orderless], added Momentum in DiracSimplify
Version 8.1.0: 2012, fixed DiracTrick, improved SUNSimplify, DiracEquation, fixed Hyperlinks in FeynCalc8.nb, fixed Tarcer .mx loading
Version 2012, updated PHI to work with FeynArts-3.7, which can now be kept in a subdir
Version 8.2.0: 2012, added FeynArts 3.7 - unpatched. On first load it will be patched automatically.


The list includes examples contributed by users as well as examples provided by the developers.

If you have made some nice calculations using FeynCalc, don't hesitate to post them to feyncalc AT feyncalc.org. We will then consider adding them to the list below.



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