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    July 2012: FeynArts support     

The new release 8.2.0 supports the newest FeynArts (3.7) which is bundled with the release. Just load FeynCalc with FeynArts and PHI enabled and things should work. Remember:


To demonstrate how the FeynArts/FeynCalc combination can be used, Frederik has uploaded a new version of QEDRadiativeCorrections.nb that runs with Mathematica-8.0, FeynCalc-8.2.0 and FeynArts-3.7 to


With Mathematica-8.0 there appears to be a sign-issue with the self-energy when comparing to the result in Weinberg's book. Any ideas how to deal with it are of course welcome.

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    June 2006: Fighting spam on the forum     

The "Forum" is simply a web page with a parsed display of the mailbox of "feyncalc". The mail system is set up such that all mails sent to "feyncalc" are relayed to everyone listed in a flat file maintained by hand. As such it is a primitive mailing list.

This system dates back from before spam was a real problem. Back then we prioritized making life easy for people - and for ourselves. We therefore allowed anyone to post on the list, irrespective of whether he/she was subscribing.

In recent months/years, spam has become such a big problem that it has rendered the Forum largely unusable. We have tried to reduce the problem with spam filters and by stopping posts directly via email, allowing posts only via the email gateway on the web site. This helped a bit, but not enough. The spammers just used the gateway (don't ask me how).

Now, our latest strategy is to add extra security on the gateway (demanding reading and typing a random number) and allowing direct email again - but only from list subscribers. Email addresses appearing in the From field of emails are not displayed on our web pages or used for any other purposes (than the mailing list).

We sincerely hope this will do away with spam, while keeping the list easy to use. We thus hope the Forum will continue to be a useful place for FeynCalc users to support each other and exchange opinions.

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    May 2006. New version with Mathematica 5 support     

New version available for download:

FeynCalc 5.1 beta3

Please get it on the download page. Many bugs have been fixed and this is the recommended download. It is still a beta release, but a regular release is coming as soon as documentation and examples have been updated.

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    March 2004. Status     

In September 2003 in Zurich and last week in Geneva Rolf worked on a good deal of the items of the todo list of the posting "Documentation / bug fixes / clean up / new features" in the forum. We both continue to work on examples and documentation in our (very little) spare time. The status of the items of the todo list is posted in the forum as a reply to the postingDocumentation "Documentation / bug fixes / clean up / new features".

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