Name: (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/15/03-12:21:05 AM Z

Thank you for your observations.
I fixed a typo so now the axial gauge
should be correct.


In[2]:= GluonPropagator[p,mu,a,nu,b,Gauge->{n,0}]//FCE//InputForm

I*FAD[p]*SD[a, b]*(-MTD[mu, nu] - (FVD[p, mu]*FVD[p, nu]*SPD[n, n])/
   SPD[n, p]^2 + (FVD[n, nu]*FVD[p, mu] + FVD[n, mu]*FVD[p, nu])/SPD[n, p])

In[3]:= GluonPropagator[p,mu,a,nu,b,Gauge->{n,alpha}]//FCE//InputForm

I*FAD[p]*SD[a, b]*(-MTD[mu, nu] +
  (FVD[n, nu]*FVD[p, mu] + FVD[n, mu]*FVD[p, nu])/SPD[n, p] -
  (FVD[p, mu]*FVD[p, nu]*SPD[n, n] - alpha*FVD[n, mu]*FVD[n, nu]*SPD[p, p])/
   SPD[n, p]^2)

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