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Dear Prffesior,
               I am a research-fellow at a physics institute of India,
working on "Finite Temperature Field Theory",and "QGP phenomenology".
I am trying to use Feyncalc for my calculations but facing some problems.
Let me explain them.
                 At finite temperature the propagators and the vertices
loses the simple Lorentz invariant structure and acquires an admixture
of both spatial and temporal components. Therefore, to perform these
calculations the programe should be able to recognige both the zeroth
and spatial components of a four-vector and know should be able to do
calculations with DiracGamma[0] and Diracgamma[i],i=1,2,3 explicitly.
                Can such things be done with feynCalc? Plese let me know.
                                        With Regards

Theory Division
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
1/AF Bidhan Nagar
Calcutta 700 064
Dial (033)337 ****  Extn 363

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