Name: Zhou Yong (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/14/00-11:52:48 AM Z

Dear Rolf Mertig Professor:
  I have calculate some feynman diagrams of elecweak model.Compairing
large gauge boson mass,the light quark momentum can be neglected,so
analytic results will be gotten.I expand B0,C0,D0 functions when
neglecting external momentum.But I found the results achieved by using
OneLoop function are different from the results achieved by hand.
So I chosed a very simple loop integration to check my results,and find
maybe OneLoop function is wrong.
  I write a small function "OneLoopFPI" to imitate the processes of
calculations by hand Using feynman parameters method in common.I found
it give the same results with my previous results gotten by hand.
  I send you a ps file about a very simple question dealing with OneLoop
and OneLoopFPI function.Maybe you can find where I was wrong.
  Thanks for your attentions.

             zhou yong 14,Dec,2000

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