Name: Pablo Sanchez Puertas (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/30/18-03:54:29 PM Z

Hello and congratulations for the program and its maintenance,

For some reasons, in my calculations it is way easier to keep the LC tensors uncontracted up to the very end, so I prefer using simplifications via EpsEvaluate[] and Contract[,Rename->True,EpsContract->False].
I found however that the following input
EpsEvaluate[LC[a, b][p, q] LC[a][r, s, t] LC[b][r, s, t]]

does not produce a vanishing result (but same output as input) despite this should be obvious from antisymmetry reasons. When using

Contract[LC[a, b][p, q] LC[a][r, s, t] LC[b][r, s, t]]

of course leads to 0, but then it would contract other LC tensors in my expression, that I prefer to avoid.

Since the reasons for which is zero is only antisymmetry, I was wondering if this could be easily implemented into my expressions.

Best regards,

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