Name: Yasemin (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/18/18-05:08:53 PM Z


I have problems calculating of rho-pion-nucleon triangle loop diagram
in FeynCalc. An error message appears like "Error! DiracTrick has
encountered a fatal problem and must abort the computation. The
problem reads: Incorrect combination of dimensions and g^5 scheme!
>>". I believe it is because of the problem with dimensional
regularisation of Levi-Civita and gamma5. I have read the previous
writings related with this issue. In the case of using BMHV scheme
calculation of counter terms was recommended for an amplitude
including trace of gamma matrices. In the amplitude that I try to
calculate there is no trace actually. Is that mean I can use BMHV
scheme without calculation of some counter terms separately?

I may have asked an unreasonable question. Are there any other
suggestions to solve the problem?

Thank you very much for the support in advance!

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