Name: V. Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/05/18-05:48:26 AM Z

In fact, now it is :) The new SFAD/CFAD/GFAD syntax of the development
version supports arbitrary sign mass terms, so one can also enter
propagators of the form 1/(p^2+m^2):

SFAD[p, {p, -m^2}]

and of course you can also change the sign of I*eta:

SFAD[{p, {0, -1}}, {p, {-m^2, -1}}]

The only loop-related function that can currently deal with these new
objects is ApartFF (since yesterday):

ApartFF[SFAD[p, {p, -m^2}], {p}]

ApartFF[SFAD[p, p + q, {p - q, m^2}], {p}]

ApartFF[SFAD[p, p + q, {p - q, -m^2}], {p}]

Unfortunately, FDS still cannot simplify SFADs and CFADs, so the output
of ApartFF is not maximally simplified. Tensor reduction is also not
possible yet. The support for FDS and TID (at least at 1-loop level) is
being worked on.


> It is possible to use OneLoop (or an other tool in FeynCalc) to compute Feynman Diagrams using euclidean propagators like 1/(p^2 + m^2) in the euclidean space?

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