Name: Vanamali Shastry (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/21/18-08:03:16 AM Z

I've been trying to run an example of Chiral perturbation theory
calculation. The notebook is from the PHI examples website
( The notebook is titled
PiN.nb. Every time I run the notebook, the "InsertFields" command
throws up an error the says

loading generic model file $Failed
Get: $Failed is not a string, SocketObject, InputStream[], or OutputStream[].

I've tried changing "Nucleon[0,j1]" etc to "Nucleon[0,{j1}]" etc. I've also tried removing "Model->"Automatic",GenericModel->"Automatic"".
Please help!

Raspberry Pi B running Raspbian 8.0 (jessie)
Mathematica v11.0.1.0
FeynCalc v9.2.0
FeynArts v3.9
PHI v1.3

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