Name: Duarte (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/18/18-03:17:10 PM Z

Oh, sorry!, right. Thank you very much.

So the two problems are solved: I can compute both ampW1 and the
loop of ampF1.

But with all these changes, I now face 2 new problems! The first
of them shows up when I compute ampW1. Here, I get some objects
(at least metric tensors and 4-momenta) both with and without
hat. What do they mean? How I am supposed to deal with them?

The second problem has to do with the following. As I am working in
dimensional regularization, I will have to make D -> 4 - epsilon,
(and I will want to obtain, on the one hand, the non-divergent term
coming from the product between epsilon and the PaVe functions, and to
make, on the other hand, epsilon -> 0 in the end; by the way, I do
all of this manually, but maybe there is some automatic function to
help me with these steps). But as I make D -> 4 - epsilon, some funny
objects show up: basically, gamma matrices and 4-momenta with
subscript "4-epsilon" (or just "epsilon"). I have the same questions:
what do they mean? How I am supposed to deal with them?

Thanks again,

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