Name: V. Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 10/21/17-12:30:33 PM Z

In FeynCalc 9.3


gives 1.


> I don't know how to input a single gamma matrix such as \gamma^0, \gamma^1 and so on. In physics, the square of \gamma^0 satisfies (\gamma^0)^2 = 1. However, if I input "GA[LorentzIndex[0]]", I find that "DiracSimplify[GA[LorentzIndex[0],LorentzIndex[0]]" is equal to 4, and if I input "GA[0]", I find that "DiracSimplify[GA[0,0]" is equal to "DiracGamma(0).DiracGamma(0)", which is not I expect.
> Why I can not conduct \gammma^0 like \gamma^5? We can see that "DiracSimplify[GA[5, 5]]" is exactly equal to 1! It's wonderful.
> I want to find a command for \gamma^0 matrix which works like the \gamma^5 case. But I can not find the way. So I really want to get help from you.

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