Name: Maksym (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/19/17-03:38:34 PM Z

I write the amplitude as
f = PolarizationVector[
  k2, \[Mu]] SpinorUBar[p1,
   mp].GA[\[Nu]].(vf - af GA5).QuarkPropagator[{k1+k2},mp].GA[\[Mu]].SpinorU[
   k1, mp] SpinorUBar[p3, m].GA[\[Nu]].(1 - GA5).SpinorV[p2, 0]

But when evaluating the trace f ComplexConjugate[f] the output writes Error! DiracTrick has encountered a fatal problem and must abort the \
computation. The problem reads: Incorrect combination of dimensions \
and g^5 scheme! >>

Could you please tell me how to define the quark propagator in 4 dimensions?

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