Name: Philipp (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/25/17-07:39:47 AM Z

I have tried to do the recursion for

TFI[D, SPD[q, q], {0, 0, 2, 1, 1}, {{1, 0}, {1, 0}, {1, 0}, {1, 0}, {2, 0}}]

however I am ending up with contributions proportional to some internal private Number in Tarcer

-(1/(8 (-4+D) (-1+D)))CA^2 (-1+GaugeXi) (Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[1,-] Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[2,+]+Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[3,-] Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[4,+]-Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[2,+] Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[5,-]-Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[4,+] Tarcer`Private`Schiebe[5,-]) SD[a,b] SMP[g_s]^4 SPD[q,q] (D FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]-MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q])+(1/(4 (-1+D)))CA^2 (-1+GaugeXi) SD[a,b] SMP[g_s]^4 (FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]-MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q]) (Subsuperscript[B, {1,0}{1,0}, (D)])^2+(CA^2 (-1+GaugeXi) SD[a,b] SMP[g_s]^4 (48 FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]-648 D FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]+574 D^2 FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]-193 D^3 FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]+24 D^4 FVD[q,Lor1] FVD[q,Lor2]+384 MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q]-232 D MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q]+49 D^2 MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q]-6 D^3 MTD[Lor1,Lor2] SPD[q,q]) Subsuperscript[J, {1,0}{1,0}{1,0}, (D)])/(12 (-6+D) (-4+D) (-1+D) SPD[q,q])

Am I missing something in the computation or is this a potential bug?


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