Name: Philipp (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/06/17-04:30:43 PM Z


I wanted to expand the following expression in terms of the external momentum q or (q/mE)

-(CA^3*FAD[{p1, I*mE}, {p2, I*mE}, {p1 - q, I*mE}, {p1 - q, I*mE}]*(FVD[p1, Lor1] + FVD[p1 - q, Lor1])*(FVD[p1, Lor2] + FVD[p1 - q, Lor2])*(2*omega[21] - 5*psi[19])*SD[a, b]*SMP["g_s"]^6*(SPD[p2, p2] + SPD[p1 - q, p1 - q]))

Up to now I have done this as a series by using FourDivergence[] including first and second order derivatives. Is there a faster way to do that, as at two loop level this becomes computationally expansive very rapidly.


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