Name: JamesG (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/03/17-04:22:29 PM Z


Trying to reset the LeviCivita sign conventions appears to me to have no effect when using the definitions above. For example I find that the input

Tr[[GA[a, b, c, d, 5]]
$LeviCivitaSign = 1;
Tr[GA[a, b, c, d, 5]]


-4 I Eps[LorentzIndex[a], LorentzIndex[b], LorentzIndex[c],

independent of whatever else I set $LeviCivitaSign to.

Is there some other way to fix the conventions in the latest version of Feyncalc (9.2); or is this affected by, say, a more recent version of Mathematica (I am currently using 10.1)?


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