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Date: 02/20/17-11:15:39 AM Z


sorry for the late reply. I'm about to finish
my PhD so there is virtually no free time left.

PHI is actually Frederik's project but is currently
more or less unmaintained. The code is also poorly
documented, so it would cost a lot of work to bring
PHI to a better shape.

In particular, the automatic creation of FeynArts models
from ChPT Lagrangians is not likely to be fixed, since
this always required significant patching of FeynArts that
led to problems elsewhere. Moreover, now there exists the
FeynRules package which is more suitable for that goal.

Some time ago I fixed few minor things in the development
version of FeynCalc. You could install that and see if it solves
your issues. Otherwise I'm afraid that there is not much I can
do now.


Am 15.02.2017 um 21:57 schrieb William Jay:
> Dear FeynCalc,
> I'm interested in automating and verifying results in chiral perturbation theory (and some cousins thereof...) with Mathematica.
> Thankfully, it looks like a lot of time has already been invested in the package Phi, which seems to be a really nice-looking suite of tools for just that purpose!
> I've successfully installed FeynCalc using the automated installation procedure outlined on the wiki. Everything that came bundled with this installation seems to work right of the box. The notebooks I've tried in /FeynCalc/Examples work like a charm. So far so good!
> Following the advice in FeynCalc/Phi/ReadMe.txt, I went to look for examples using the Phi package at
> I downloaded several of the notebooks (mostly from /phi/examples/ChPT/Pions - I can provide more details if necessary).
> The notebooks I've looked at do not seem to run successfully without modification, at least on my system.
> After some initial debugging, my understanding is that the import/load line
> Needs["HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`"];
> is deprecated. After modifying this line to the now standard
> << FeynCalc`
> I am able to load Phi successfully. Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce the saved output in the notebooks, which brings me to my question.
> --> Are there other known modifications necessary to run the Phi's example notebooks with the current version of FeynCalc / FeynArts / etc ?
> I'm happy to provide more details about the discrepancies I encounter when trying to reproduce results, if they would be helpful. It seems to me that the issue might be a slightly higher-level one of backward compatibility (but I am new to FeynCalc, so might be missing something painful obvious).
> Maybe you have some guidance?
> My system specs are:
> macOS Sierra 10.12.3
> Mathematica
> FeynCalc 9.2.0
> FeynArts 3.9
> Phi 1.3
> Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,
> William Jay
> (Waiting for my membership on the mailing list to be approved )
> william.jay (put the at sign here)

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