Name: Peter Meinzinger (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/02/17-02:45:50 PM Z

i've got a question regarding the "Head StandardMatrixElement".
I'm doing a one loop calculation and want to select the coefficients of the matrix elements in a list.
I solve the problem using the function TID and got information that formerly, using the function OneLoop, it was possible to access the coefficients by something like


now this gives no output, though.
Could you explain what has changed in TID's output in regard to OneLoop's?

Kind regards,

PS: I'm using version 9.2 (development version) and a example code would be

$BreitMaison = True
num1 := SpinorUBar[p3, ms].GA[6].(GS[q] + mt).GA[7].PolarizationVector[p2, \[Mu]].(2*FV[q, \[Mu]] + 2*FV[p1, \[Mu]] + FV[p2, \[Mu]]).SpinorU[p1, mb] // DiracSimplify

amp1 = num1*FAD[{q, mt}, {q + p1, mh}, {q + p1 + p2, mh}]

res1 = -I/Pi\.b2*TID[amp1 , q]

var = Select[Variables[res1], (Head[#] === StandardMatrixElement) &]

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