Name: Pablo Sanchez Puertas (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/26/17-02:32:11 PM Z

Hello again.

I just reinstalled FeynCalc and is working fine! :D
Thanks for the continuous support with the program!

Besides, but that would probably be a new thread, I
would like to comment on the tensor 5-point function.
(I don't really need it at the moment as I have
alternative ways to deal with it, but could be of interest)
I could notice that your implmentation relying in
Eq. (4.54) from

holds (quoting from the article above)

" [...] if the Lorentz decomposition of the appearing
tensor integrals contains only momenta and no metric
tensors, which is the case for N geq. 6 or P = 0."

Particularly, for the 5-point function (N=4), that implies
that such is not generally the case whenever one deals
with a tensor instead of a scalar function.
If such is the case, there are additional terms which are
documented (also from Denner and Dittmaier) in

see the "V(and U) terms" there or Eq.(2.21). The terms
implemented in "NPointto4Point.m" are only those in the
first summation. I could check that, though the notebook I
have is a bit messy. Let me know uf you are interested and
I could try to provide you with a minimal working example
of the isse.


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