Name: Pablo Sanchez Puertas (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/20/17-06:40:13 PM Z

Hello again and thanks for your fast answer!

I updated FeynCalc as suggested and the first problem is solved. As you said, is working fine :D

Concerning the second part, I have some "minimal" working example that I could send to you to show the sign thing. Let me now, if you are interested, how I could send this to you (I am new to the forums and I don't know which option would be better).

I was having a look at your implementation of Eq.(4.54) from the paper you mention: I am not sure that I fully understand the algorithm as implemented in the "NPointTo4Point.m" file you mention, but, could it be that there is possibly a minus sign missing?
>From the paper I understand:

  E0*Det[Y_{ij}] + D0(0)Det[Y_{ij}(/0)] + ... + D0(4)Det[Y_{ij}(/4)] = 0 +

in which Y_{ij}(/n) is the Y_{ij} with the n-th row replaced by 1's, whereby

  E0*Det[Y_{ij}] = - ( D0(0)Det[Y_{ij}(/0)] + ... + D0(4)Det[Y_{ij}(/4)] ).

(actually, implementing myself the previous Eqn. I can reproduce the "correct" sign) Is it the above "-" sign accounted for in getDet[] (line 70 in NPointTo4Point.m) ?


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